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Paid campaigns on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular video websites in the world and in Poland. In our country, it had more than 19 million* (data as of 09.2020) users. Many statistics also confirm that YouTube is replacing television. It is therefore no surprise that advertising campaigns on this site have enormous potential – multinationals and small companies alike are finding this out every day.

What can be achieved with YouTube advertising?

Building brand awareness

YouTube campaigns are a great tool to build associations and brand image. They will also encourage people to subscribe to the channel and learn more about its activities and offerings.

Communicating a new product on the market

YouTube can be successfully used to inform about a new product on offer. With its help, it is easy to reach existing customers and supporters, as well as to acquire new ones. Depending on the nature of the brand’s communication, this can be a formal advertising campaign or more subtle native advertising.

Sales and conversion

YouTube also offers an ad format that showcases the products available in the online shop. We can also create graphic overlays that direct viewers to a subpage where they sign up for an event, leave their contact details or download a file (such as an e-book). This type of ad also includes a separate button with a call to action. A well-constructed ad of this type can generate a large number of sales or numerous conversions.

Why run campaigns on YouTube?

YouTube originally started out as a video publishing site. Over time, however, it has become one of the social media platforms: users subscribe to the channels of their favourite brands, people and influencers, comment on videos, leave likes and share the videos they have watched. Today, YouTube is owned by Google and uses its advertising system – which offers advertisers many opportunities.

Diverse target groups

Although there are various video sites on the internet, YouTube is the most popular one. As a result, a really wide range of target groups can be found here – for example, a general audience corresponding to the commercial group from TV (16-49), but also those focused around niche interests. It can therefore be concluded that every brand will find its potential customers here.

Precise targeting

The Google Ads advertising system, which is used to create ads on YouTube, enables very precise targeting. We can target adverts based on data such as demographics (age, gender, location), interests, videos watched and channels subscribed to, or subject matter. More specific targeting is also possible, for example using keywords or remarketing.

Detailed measurement of effects

Along with precise targeting comes the ability to measure the effects of advertising campaigns very precisely. We can also generate a report showing reach, cost per click or ad impression and other values over a period of time.

Accurate billing

When we opt for paid campaigns on YouTube, we can be sure of accurate billing. We also have a choice of billing methods (depending on the type of ad). Ad rates depend on the campaign itself, the target audience, the broadcast time and other variables. Ads can be billed per click or per view. Importantly, in the case of skippable video adverts, the fee is only charged once the viewer has watched the ad in its entirety.

Flexible budget

The advertising budget for YouTube campaigns can be set at any level – from a few to several hundred thousand (or million) zloty. Of course, the higher the budget, the greater the chance of higher reach. This flexibility, however, allows you to try out the adverts without having to invest large amounts. It is also worth knowing that with each subsequent campaign, the advertising budget is automatically optimised, so its efficiency increases. Sometimes, the cost of impressions or clicks even drops to a few or a dozen pennies. Regardless, when you outsource your YouTube campaign to us, you can be sure that we will configure it so that it has maximum effect at any budget level.

Types of advertising on YouTube

You can display ads on the site in a variety of places and formats. Most of these are, of course, video adverts – but it is worth trying them all out and seeing which ones your target audience responds best to. Adverts on YouTube can be divided into paid ads and native ads, i.e. ads created outside the advertising system. This could be, for example, a collaboration with a youtube influencer or product placement.

Paid video advertising

There are different types of video ads available – skippable after 5 seconds, non-skippable, displayed before, during or after the video. There is also a special ad format for mobile devices – they last a maximum of 6 seconds and appear as interludes. Video ads can also be billed differently (depending on the model chosen). They are among the most frequently selected.

Paid graphic ads

Graphic ads are also available. They involve placing a graphic or text overlay on top of the video ads. It is also possible to include graphic banner ads in various places – for example, in the recommended videos section, in search results or even in places outside of YouTube, but relating to the videos being shown. When clicked on, they will take the user to the product or brand page. An important advantage of paid advertisements on YouTube is that they are displayed both on the basis of our settings (for example, we can choose the topics of the videos and the channels on which they are to be displayed) and on the basis of the user’s behaviour and the options they have selected in their profiles during registration. If you are not sure what your target audience looks like on this website – we will research it and estimate the possible reach of paid advertisements.

Native advertising

There is also a way of subtle promotion that works just as effectively but is not direct advertising – this is known as native advertising. Its biggest advantage is that it presents the product in a natural context and use, which many people find very inviting to buy. Native advertising can be, for example, a review, a test or the placement of a product as part of a setting. Native advertising is often based on Influencer Marketing. In this way, the target group is enlarged by the influencer’s audience and his or her authority further encourages the use of the product. In addition – and this is a very big advantage – such advertising can run for a very long time (even a few years), as it will be on the site for as long as the influencer’s channel exists. We are an influencer and social media agency, so we can partner with a number of influencers and choose for you the ones that best fit your brand and product. Contact us and we will create and run a campaign for your brand.


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