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Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is based on mechanisms that have been known for centuries, which are also very effective today. However, the mere fact of knowing them doesn’t give you anything – you still need to know how to apply them skillfully and generate profits using them. At Tears of Joy, we conduct influencer marketing activities every day, and we know exactly how to use this type of advertising to your advantage.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencers and online personalities have communities gathered around them consisting of people with related values, similar lifestyles, or interests. However, they have a real impact on the choices (including purchasing decisions) of their audience.

Today, such people, or influencers, can also be public figures who create original content on the Internet.

They often work for trust for a long time, posting on social media, making videos, writing articles, interviews, testimonials, or e-books. In doing so, they specialize in a variety of fields: from automotive, fashion, parenting, to dietetics, science, sports and even lifestyle.

Influencer Marketing itself, on the other hand, is nothing more than advertising campaigns with the participation of influencers.

Thanks to the mechanism of social proof and the rule of authority, the words of influencers in specific target groups are often much more effective than big, high-budget advertising campaigns.

Recipients – tired of typical, “impersonal” forms of advertising, such as banners or pop-ups – prefer to trust the recommendations of influencers, which work similarly to recommendations from friends, family, or other experts.

Why is Influencer Marketing so effective?

Influencer Marketing is based on the well-known rules of authority, the rule of recommendation or personal branding that have been around for years. These mechanisms are still effective – they just take new forms. The recommendation from a trusted person has always significantly influenced what we buy. Online creators attract thousands of viewers – so it makes sense to use their influence to increase the reach of a campaign and build trust in a brand.

The need to seek opinions about a product or service from friends is particularly strong in the Millennial and Gen-Zs, who are currently the largest groups of consumers. This means that by not tapping into the power of influencers, you can lose a lot – and by working with them, gain many customers and increase brand awareness.

How do we approach Influencer Marketing at Tears of Joy?

A lot of damaging myths have grown up around influencers and Influencer Marketing over the years. At Tears of Joy, however, we know that it is a job like any other. If done badly, it brings harm; done well, by professionals, it guarantees profits for all three parties (the brand, the influencer and most importantly: the audience).

Since we value honesty and professionalism, we only work with the best influencers – reliable, competent, and effective.

We don’t create lists with names of influencers in Excel. For us, Influencer Marketing is more than that. We prepare complete campaigns and effective mechanics. We match the outreach channels – such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram – with your product. In cooperation with the influencer, our agency takes care of your brand image, ensuring its credibility through consistent and creative content.

At Tears of Joy we are able to estimate the real reach – we check, analyze, draw conclusions. We have a set of dedicated tools for finding influencers, so we distinguish real creators from fake, artificially pumped accounts. That kind of  Influencer Marketing gives real benefits.

How do we conduct Influencer Marketing?

At the very beginning we study your needs, goals and get to know the nature of your brand. This is the basis and starting point for us to plan further actions. We consult with you every step of the way, giving you the opportunity to choose different options and influence the shape of activities or campaigns.

Already knowing your brand, your offer, and your needs, we choose the best communication channel for it, through which we will most effectively reach your target audience. We select an influencer whose activity will be consistent with both your brand, your target audience, and your chosen communication style. We work with a huge number of creators – including those you don’t see on the front pages of websites.

We create all activities and campaigns in such a way that they meet the goals of your brand and take advantage of the influencers’ strengths. This makes Influencer Marketing natural and compelling.

We execute the finished campaign step by step, consistently, yet being on our toes.

At the end, we provide you with a clear, easy-to-read report that shows you our actions and the effectiveness of the campaign.

On what platforms do we carry out activities?

  • On Facebook;
  • On Instagram;
  • On TikTok;
  • On Snapchat;
  • On YouTube;
  • On LinkedIn;
  • On Twitter;
  • on other social media….
  • …but also beyond them – and beyond the Internet as well!

What goals can Influencer Marketing achieve?

Brand awareness

Building brand awareness is one of several types of campaigns you can run with Influencer Marketing. If you select a creator who has a target audience similar to yours, we will create a campaign for you to help you reach their fans with your brand. For your brand, this will mean an increase in followers, likes, and maybe even customers.

Sales campaign

This is one of the more popular types of influencer marketing campaigns. Their goal is to sell specific products or services, although it can also acquire leads (i.e. customer contacts), which will then be directed to salespeople from your company. The effects of a sales campaign are easy to measure, but it can be more expensive to run than an image campaign (but this is not the rule).

Creative Influencer Marketing

If you want your brand to be talked about a lot (and well), we can create a creative campaign for it. Creative campaigns can have different goals – their hallmark, however, is unconventional ideas that make the brand and the campaign memorable for the audience.

Why us?

The answer is simple: because we know very well what we do, and… we like doing it. This means that you can be sure that each campaign prepared for you will be implemented not at 100, but at 200%.

We regularly inform you about all our activities and results achieved in clear reports. Thanks to them, you know how we use the budget entrusted to us and what the actual profit from the campaign is.

We have the know-how

Entrusting influencer marketing activities to us will save you a lot of time. We know all the tools needed for this, we have the know-how and we know how to behave in all difficult situations. After so many years of experience, nothing can surprise us!

You can, of course, try to run an influencer marketing campaign on your own, but learning to do so will be very time-consuming. Trust us, we have already done that.

We know the law

We also know how to navigate the meanders of the law related to Influencer Marketing. Knowledge of this subject is extremely important – because it involves not only knowing the rules and regulations, but also understanding and interpreting regulations related to copyright law, the Law on Combating Unfair Competition, or creating contracts and respecting them.

We are also familiar with the rules and regulations of various social media and websites, which makes our work much easier and allows us to carry out influencer marketing activities smoothly.

We know what’s on the Internet

Influencer Marketing at a high level requires knowledge of current trends on the Internet. To stay up to date with them, you need to keep track of what’s happening on the web and social media. We keep our finger on the pulse! We also know how to put this knowledge into practice and create creations – both timeless and those referring to current events and themes across the Internet.

Get in touch with us!

Write to us and we will tell you how you can use Influencer Marketing to your brand’s advantage. We will advise you on the choice of influencers, price the campaign, explain all the steps step by step and show you what results they can bring. Influencer Marketing is an incredibly effective form of advertising – take advantage of it!


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