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Branded Content

Branded Content is a form of advertising, which gives the viewer attractive entertainment or educational content (for example, a video) and promotes the brand in the background in a non-intrusive and natural way. Therefore there is no need to impose the client with direct encouragement to buy a product or a service. At the same time, the recipient gets a concrete value, and the advertising effect is created, among other things, through his satisfaction with the content he has just seen.


If you want to effectively reach your audience, while satisfying their needs and building natural trust towards your brand – then Branded Content will be a great solution.

Types of Branded Content

Branded Content is about good content first, and attribution to a specific brand second. Thus, it can take any form:

  • written: articles, reports, guides, posts on other blogs or social media;
  • video: commercials, online or TV shows, or even miniseries;
  • graphic: infographics, posters, or even memes;
  • audio: podcasts, radio shows, interviews;
  • other: apps, games.

Branded content is no longer just an advertisement, but an artistic work that lives a life of its own. Such ventures are remembered for a long time.

Where can Branded Content be used?

Although this type of advertising campaign is most often carried out on the Internet, Branded Content can actually be used anywhere: in the press, on the radio, on television, in public spaces or at events.

Depending on the place, of course, the appropriate form and content of the campaign can be adjusted. At a time when there is so much advertising on the Internet, creativity and quality are what can make a brand stand out from the competition – so unconventional solutions are welcome here. Of course, we know that the choice of the form and nature of branded content largely depends on the target group and its preferences – so we do not forcefully create something that will be creative, but ineffective for your audience.

At the same time, it is worth knowing that good and effective Branded Content is often shared on social media and in private messages between Internet users. As a result, they promote the brand long after the advertisement is published.

What benefits does Branded Content bring to a brand?

Builds positive associations with the brand

When a viewer sees a lot of ads with similar offerings, the choice is determined by factors other than price or product selection. These can be positive associations, curiosity, attractiveness of the message, trust towards the brand or the story behind it. Educational, lifestyle or entertainment content builds brand image beyond the offer itself.

It is a good way to address banner blindness

Branded content helps reach those audiences who bypass and block ads. Many of them, at the mere sight of brand logos or overtly branded materials, “switch off” and stop registering the content of the ad – no matter how refined it might be. To reach these audiences, you need to look for out-of-the-box solutions.

Branded content does a great job at this.

Creates a long-term relationship between the brand and the audience

Quality content and tailored to the recipients give them satisfaction and arouses their curiosity. This makes them want to get to know the creator better. If viewers find an interesting topic on a brand’s social media profile, they will stay there longer and will regularly check the profile for updates. This way viewers get involved in brand’s life and become attached to it.

It is natural, unobtrusive and credible

The strength of Branded Content is the naturalness of the message. Its form and premise are completely unlike traditional advertising, which puts the brand at the center of the message. In Branded Content, it is the recipient and his needs that come first, while the brand appears in the background and briefly. The recipient quickly notices this and takes a natural, unforced interest in the content, and the brand gains his trust, credibility, and positive opinion.

It fulfills the recipient’s needs

This is also because Branded Content fulfills the recipient’s needs first, not sales goals – it only does this when the recipient trusts the brand and engages with it.

Recipients may have different goals: satisfying curiosity about a topic, gaining knowledge, learning something new, relaxing, wanting to experience something fun, surprising, or evoking other feelings.

It gives the viewers the feeling that they are the ones making the decision to buy

Branded Content works quite the opposite of traditional advertising: it does not contain strong and unambiguous sales messages, but only arouses the curiosity of the viewer. He or she can also turn off the video at any time, stop reading an article or listening to a podcast. This gives the recipient the feeling that it is up to him to decide whether he or she will be interested in the offer and buy the product. It is therefore a good way to reach people who are reluctant to respond to other types of advertising.

Builds context around the brand

Branded Content also builds natural product context and brand personality. It assigns them to the correct categories, emotions, image and anchors them in the recipient’s memory. A brand that has clear associations and character is recalled much faster than brands around which the recipient does not have clear associations and images built.

How does our Branded Content work?

The Branded Content we create works in such a way that the recipients do not feel like they are being presented with an advertisement. Instead, we tailor the content to their interests and the purpose for which they are reading or viewing it. In a word: we provide them with what they would like to read.

As a result, the viewers are keenly interested in the content and want to find out for themselves who the author is and to learn about you and your offer. They don’t need to be persuaded to use it or to explore the content further, because they are engaged in discovering it.

Good Branded Content doesn’t epitomize the brand name but presents the recipient with the product in the context, setting and use for which it was created. It also builds authentic emotions and a story around the product and brand.

With such a campaign, we pursue the goals of the brand’s long-term strategy. While doing so, we do not forget about the needs of the recipients and establishing a bond between them and the brand, so that after the purchase they continue to engage with the brand.

If you want your brand’s advertising campaign to look like this, contact us.


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