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Content marketing

Anyone who has had even a minimal interest in promoting their brand online has come across the term. And no wonder, because content marketing is one of the most effective ways of promoting yourself on the Internet. What is it and what can you achieve with it?


It is about building a bond between the brand and its audience through valuable knowledge. This strategy produces really good results – and this is true regardless of the size of the brand and its industry. It is universal. So it’s no surprise that in 2021, as many as 82% of marketers were using content creation in their marketing strategy (Hubspot study).

Successful content marketing depends on an interesting idea, a good plan, consistency and regularity in its implementation. Meeting these requirements is, despite appearances, a difficult task – especially with so much competition on the internet.

However, we wouldn’t be a good agency if we didn’t know how to break through this crowd. We know how to keep the viewer’s attention and persuade them to buy – we deal with this on a daily basis and have tested all possible solutions. As a result, we also know what works and what doesn’t and why it works. Content marketing has no secrets for us. If you want to join the ranks of our clients and see your brand gain more and more recognition, contact us.

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing is the strategy of using content to promote a brand and reach audiences through it.  The content should be of value to brand lovers: answering their questions, providing them with knowledge or entertainment, fulfilling their needs, and in the form they prefer (text, video, recordings, images or infographics). Well-run Content Marketing persuades audiences to take the actions you specify – such as leaving contact details, sharing content with other interested parties or buying your products. It does not have the character of direct sales (as a rule, there is a lack of persuasion and sales messages here), but it is an important link in the customer’s purchase path. Content marketing can be carried out in various ways:

  • blog (regular publication of expert articles, interviews with industry specialists, how-to guides),
  • podcast (voice-over broadcasts on the internet),
  • video (videos published on YT, can be with influencers),
  • webinars (live online meetings with an audience),
  • white papers (statistics, research, reports and analysis of industry issues),
  • e-book (industry knowledge book or guide),
  • e-mail campaign (newsletter with information for subscribers only),
  • webinar (live online meeting with fans of the brand or the industry in question),
  • infographics (knowledge communicated in an attractive way),
  • social media posts (sharing knowledge, case studies and showcasing the company’s products or work – all published on the brand’s existing social media channels)
  • and others.

Interestingly, content marketing can also work offline, as exemplified by cookbooks published by well-known brands or guides added to sports equipment.

How is content marketing created?

No strategy can be created without first analysing the industry. Therefore, we meticulously research:

  • Your audience (we determine who the product will be aimed at, who these people are and what language they use),
  • Your competitors (we analyse their quantity, quality, activities, strengths and weaknesses),
  • Your product and brand (we establish the Unique Selling Proposition, strengths and opportunities to be exploited, past activities and their effects).

Based on the results of this analysis, we prepare a strategy for you, which consists of the proposed activities, the timetable for their implementation and the expected results. We also determine the intensity and length of our activities, as well as details such as the subjects of our proposed content and the manner in which it is to be delivered.

In the next step, we set about implementing our proposed strategy and distributing the published content. We also conduct a detailed analysis of our activities so that we can improve the campaign week by week and month by month and get the most out of it for you. We present the results of our work to you every month (or other agreed time) in clear reports, which you can present to the rest of the company.

How do we know what type of content to choose?

We don’t tell from the odds. On the basis of our research and previous experience, we assess which type of content is preferred by a particular target group and is therefore the most effective. As a result, all the content we prepare is tailored to your customers and their likes and needs, so that it is eagerly read or viewed by them.

We give you more than just a service

When you choose to use our agency, you get much more than marketing your brand through content. You get to know your target audience, see what they respond best to and have the opportunity to see your business running at full capacity. We know from experience that just watching a content marketing campaign run shows you how your brand works from a whole new perspective and opens your eyes to new opportunities to promote your business. The results of running content marketing are long-term, so you’ll be able to see its effects long after the campaign has run.

How does content marketing work?

Content Marketing is about building your online presence. It’s like being in a company – if you sit quietly, no one will hear you, but once you start speaking up, you will be noticed and remembered. Creating content and publishing it under your brand’s banner is your voice and online presence.


Of course, you not only have to speak, but you also have to know what to say and how to say it – and content marketing arranges a brand’s communication in such a way that its voice is much more convincing. And for several reasons:

  • Firstly: instead of telling your audience how much you know about your industry, you simply show it – through content articles, podcasts, webinars or videos. Recipients don’t have to take your word for it – they just need to see that you are knowledgeable. This is what convinces the most.
  • Second: publishing content familiarises your audience with your brand much better than sales messages that don’t really say anything about the brand; and new audiences have the chance to get to know and like your brand.
  • Third: with content marketing, you will systematically and consistently build an image as an expert in what you do. Audiences will not need to be persuaded additionally – they just need to see that they can trust you because you are an expert.

And if, in addition, you publish valuable knowledge, you will attract all potential customers interested in your industry. Of course, you need to speak to your audience with their voice – that way you will reach them better than your competitors.

Online presence

Content marketing also works because by publishing content, you become visible to search engines. The more valuable content you post on your brand’s website, the more people will find it when they search on Google, and you will be able to acquire and redirect this traffic to yourself. Content creation has a very positive effect on SEO, i.e. positioning your website and appearing higher and higher in search results. This applies to both articles and videos (YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world). This is for a very simple reason – after all, anyone looking for material on topics related to your industry may end up on your website. And if you engage an influencer well-known in your industry for your content marketing campaign, you will gain the interest of the influencer’s fans in addition to your customers.


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