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Social media audit

Conducting social media communication is a kind of engineering combined with creativity: it requires hard knowledge that must be applied skilfully, consistently and reliably, followed by regular performance reviews. A well-run brand’s social media will effectively build its image and engage its audience. And, of course, bring in customers.

A Social Media Audit is a comprehensive analysis of the activities carried out so far. On its basis, we make recommendations for further steps, thanks to which the brand will begin to achieve its objectives.

Why is it worth doing a Social Media Audit?

Conducting social media on the basis of data and recommendations from the audit significantly improves their effectiveness. The audit provides concrete data and conclusions from expert analysis – so it is a reliable source of knowledge about the brand’s social media situation and its possible ways forward. We not only examine a brand’s social media, but also suggest how to run it better.

What are the benefits of a Social Media Audit?

  • checks communication goals against their achievement;
  • shows how to increase the number of conversions;
  • indicates what can be done to make the brand’s social media activities generate greater reach;
  • verifies the effectiveness of the communication strategy;
  • provides knowledge on how to mobilise inactive audiences;
  • facilitates the adaptation of the communication style to the audience;
  • organises knowledge on how to run a brand’s social media;
  • helps to make the brand’s social media marketing more consistent on and off social media.

An audit is an essential part of running a brand’s social media professionally. Thanks to it, the image goes to the next level and the actions bring results.

What does a Social Media Audit look like?

During the audit, we carefully review a brand’s profiles and the content published on them. We also check how a brand presents itself in social media – how it is perceived by internet users, how it compares with the competition and how its activities are rated. We use tools designed for this purpose. The audit itself consists of an analysis of technical, communication and image aspects.

Technical aspects

We start by checking the technical aspects of the brand profiles. Well-run social media is not only about engaging content and effective advertising – you also need to remember to complete your profile accurately, use the correct size of graphics or use hashtags correctly. On Instagram, there is a whole list of hashtags, the use of which can limit reach, making the post poorly visible to the audience. We also check content for structure and technical correctness. This could be, for example, account settings that limit the visibility of posts or incorrect links. If you run competitions or promotions on social media, you probably already know that they have to comply with certain legal requirements. During an audit, we verify that all these formalities are met. We also analyse post statistics, reach, effectiveness of paid advertising and other metrics. In this way, you not only get information about the effectiveness of your past activities, but you can also compare this data with future audits and see how the statistics increase after the recommendations have been implemented.


Another important element of the Social Media Audit is the evaluation of the brand’s communication with its audience. We pay attention first and foremost to whether it is tailored to the target group and whether it also corresponds to the brand’s character. A well-fitting communication can be recognised by the fact that it engages the target group it is intended for. Sometimes, however, despite good assumptions, this is not the case, in which case the audit can pinpoint the reason. The brand communication should be consistent across the board, whether in social media, advertising or offline activities. During the audit, we also look at the feedback from the brand’s followers: comments, ratings, reactions to posts and in what context they mention the brand on other profiles. We include the results of these observations in a report to show you which types of content are being received positively and which are the opposite.


We also analyse the brand image in social media. In doing so, we pay attention to its consistency across different social media platforms and compare it with the image in other parts of the internet and beyond. In the Social Media Audit, we also take into account the consistent use of the same graphic design.

We take into account individual brand characteristics….

These are not all the brand elements we check in a Social Media Audit. As you can see, it takes a lot of time and work to carry it out – but we end up with very accurate results. This allows us to make recommendations that will be effective. We carry out the audit taking into account the nature of your brand and target audience, as well as your planned strategy. Every brand is different and speaks with a different voice. In social media, it is important not only to find this own voice, but also to be able to translate it into a communication style and use it to its full potential. A social media audit and the recommendations contained therein make this much easier. Each brand’s online presence (and even different brands from the same industry) will look different. Our task is to identify its strengths and weaknesses in social media so that it presents itself not only in the best possible way, but also in accordance with its nature and character.

…and individual social media platforms

We also take into account that running an account on different social media may require actions or the use of conventions that are specific to a particular platform and brand. This is because each social media platform has its own character and specificity. This manifests itself in the type of content, the communication, the topics undertaken or the users who register on a particular platform, which is why different content is presented on LinkedIn and different on Instagram or TikTok. They must be presented in such a way that they reach the users of the respective platforms. It is also important that they are presented in such a way that they fully exploit the potential of the platform in question. During the audit, we check the consistency of the communication and its adaptation to the nature of the social media platforms. This can be difficult, which is why we also include specific tips on how to maintain this balance in the audit.

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Social media audit is a difficult and time-consuming task. We work on the social media of various brands on a daily basis, so despite its complexity, we carry it out efficiently. We also know what mistakes to avoid and what to pay attention to. After applying the recommendations from our audits, reach and conversions increase, and brand image improves. If you want the same to happen to yours – contact us.


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