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Running Social Media

Today, it is difficult to find a company that does not have profiles on social media platforms. This is no surprise – after all, running social media really does bring a lot of benefits. Both tangible and intangible.

Who uses social media in Poland?

In January 2021, 25.9 million Poles were actively using social media, which is as much as 68.5% of the country’s population. The average Pole spends 2 hours a day on social media, which is almost an hour more than on daily reading of newspapers and magazines (both online and printed). It is also worth knowing that as many as 45.3% of Polish users are the first to search for information about brands there. All these figures apply to people aged between 16 and 64 – after all, social media have long since ceased to be the domain of young people alone.

Why is this so important?

This study shows how many different people use social media and how important a part of our lives they are – statistically speaking, even more important than news portals. Almost half of Polish users search for companies first on social media and only then on a search engine. So if you are wondering whether it is worth running your brand’s profile on social media, let this statistic confirm that it is definitely worth it. And that it is worth doing effectively.

Benefits of running social media

Social media allows brands to carry out a full spectrum of marketing activities. The most important of these are outlined below.

Selling on social media

One of the most frequently asked, very legitimate questions about social media is whether it is possible to sell through it. The answer is very simple: you can and it is worth doing so. Virtually every platform has its own system for creating adverts that we can profile for different purposes (e.g. displays, clicks or purchases). With the help of ads, we can therefore both take the recipient to your shop set up on Facebook and direct them to your e-commerce site, where they will purchase the products you advertise.

Contact with your audience

Running social media implies constant contact with your audience and existing customers, as well as building links with new people who may be interested in your brand. After all, the very name says that it is social media – that is, where creating a community around your brand is at the forefront. The fact of establishing a direct relationship with your audience gives it many benefits: you can find out their opinions about your brand and its offer, check their reactions to your actions and changes in your offer, learn about users’ problems, offer them solutions or invite them to joint activities such as competitions or events. This builds a positive image of your brand, which is, after all, the basis for success and further actions and, consequently, successful sales.

Reaching new audiences

Running social media is one of the best ways to reach new customers. The number of people to whom we can pass on information about your brand in the form of a post or advertisement is defined by reach. It depends on a number of factors: the number of current fans, the length of time a brand’s profile has been in existence or previous activity on a particular platform. We know how to grow our reach and expand your customer base. These are, of course, just a selection of the benefits of social media. We know them from experience. If you would like us to use the knowledge of our specialists to promote your brand – contact us.

Why us?

We relieve you of time-consuming responsibilities

Running social media through our agency will take a lot of time-consuming responsibilities off your hands. We have experts working for us who manage the daily communication of brands with very different characters and products. They therefore have an understanding even of the unusual situations that can arise when running social media.

We know how to reach your audience

Our team has tried everything – so nothing can surprise us. We know how to publish content in such a way that it reaches your exact audience. When running social media, we will even know what time of day your audience usually uses their computer and smartphone. This will allow us to publish at such times that the posts are already waiting for them as soon as they start browsing.

We use professional tools

We also know how to use social media tools well and analyse them. Instructions on how to use them can easily be found online – but they are often complicated, the knowledge needed to use them effectively is extensive and it also takes some experience to achieve satisfactory results. By combining the skills and knowledge of the whole team, we achieve a result that cannot be achieved on our own. This way, we know the functions and solutions that significantly improve the work and produce better results, and which cannot be found in online manuals or guides. Our knowledge of these nuances comes from spending days and weeks working on them and trying them out in the most varied conditions. We know how to use all the possibilities of these tools for maximum effectiveness, and we know which ones are not worth using and why.

We know the regulations

We also know the regulations and rules of social media, for example, regarding competitions. This avoids severe penalties from platform administrators, which can effectively cut off reach or even block an account. In some situations, knowledge of the rules and regulations even avoids breaking the law, which in the case of social media and the internet is not always clear and adapted to modern technology. We know how to navigate these meanders and at the same time achieve good results without taking precarious actions.

We adapt to the algorithm

The algorithms driving social media traffic are not only complex, but also individual to each platform. Working with them is also effectively hindered by the fact that they are changing and evolving all the time – sometimes these are subtle changes and sometimes they turn the whole way of doing things upside down. Thanks to the fact that we follow and handle social media every day, we are up to date with all the changes. We also receive information on future modifications and new developments. This allows us to constantly adapt to the algorithm and act in such a way that our effectiveness remains high.

You receive a monthly report on our work

Therefore, every month (or other agreed period) we report to you on all our activities and show you our achievements. We also indicate what steps we should take in the following weeks and months and what the effect might be. We will also be the first to show you the opportunities and threats to your brand in social media, allowing you both to avoid costly (image- or materially) slip-ups and to take advantage of growth opportunities that you would otherwise not have been aware of. Contact us and we will show you why it is still worth entrusting our agency with the social media management of your brand.

Managing social media on the Internet requires developing a strategy, taking the time to systematically create and analyse content, as well as constantly monitoring a brand’s profile and responding to questions or comments. It is worth entrusting these activities to us, because we know how to do it effectively and we sincerely enjoy doing it. We will enjoy the process and you will benefit greatly.


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