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Paid Social Media

Paid SocialMedia, or paid social media advertising, will help you reach interested customers with your offer. Social media have increasingly sophisticated advertising systems that enable effective, precise and measurable advertising activities. At Tears of Joy, we are very familiar with these tools and know how to use them. We also know how to create and run social media advertisements effectively.

Advantages of paid social media advertising

Paid advertising campaigns are a good solution for supporting content that gains traffic organically. They are also an effective way to reach when time is of the essence – for example with promotions, new product launches or pre-sales. Paid social media adverts also reach the right users much more accurately and in a more planned way. This happens via more personal avenues, for example, through advertising in Messenger. They have the advantage of being effective.

Why are social media ads effective?

One of the pillars of Paid Social Media’s effectiveness is its nativeness, i.e. the fact that it is embedded in the ecosystem of a given social media platform. This instils trust among users and displays to them as they browse the content on a daily basis.

Paid Social Media furthermore uses a database of users of the platform in question who, by registering, have consented to the display of sponsored content. This is a huge number of real people – Facebook alone had more than 20 million users in Poland in September 2020 – all of whom have their own interests, views or frequently visited places that they share with others on a given platform. Such data helps to determine very precisely the target group to which our adverts will be displayed. These and many other advantages mean that almost every company should use social media campaigns. We can confirm this with the campaigns we have carried out.

What are the benefits of Paid Social Media?

A clear advertising budget: the effectiveness of paid social media campaigns can be measured precisely, as can the reach and the final cost. In addition, each campaign can be optimised to be even more effective at the same or even lower price. This is why this type of campaign can be very effective.

Instant reach: as soon as the ads are accepted by the social media platform, the ads are practically immediately displayed to the established audience. They can be displayed both at all times and at selected days and times when our audience is staring at their smartphones. This ensures not only a more effective reach, but also a more efficient use of the budget.

Precise targeting: social media adverts can be targeted according to a variety of data: interests, location, pages visited, age, places visited, smartphone models… There are many possibilities, and by combining different parameters it is possible to create both a very narrow and a very wide (but still precise) audience.

Low cost: paid social media can be much cheaper than advertising on a similar scale on TV, in the press or on billboards. In addition, they can also be much more precise and engaging.

Audience engagement: Paid social media not only advertises a product, but also reaches people who are interested in a particular topic. Well-run social media advertising campaigns can engage audiences and turn them into fans of your brand.

Advertising systems in paid social media

Each social media platform has its own advertising system (well, almost all – Facebook and Instagram have one in common). This ensures that adverts within a platform are consistent across the site, and that campaigns benefit directly from the platform’s huge database.

Facebooks Ads, Messenger

Quite a few people treat the phrases ‘social media ads’ and ‘Facebook ads’ practically as synonyms. No wonder, as Facebook’s ad system is one of the most extensive social media advertising systems. It also allows us to run ad campaigns on Instagram and Messenger. In the Facebook Ads system, we can target ads very precisely: according to the age, location or interests of our target group; but not only that – it can even be relationship status or life events such as moving house, getting married, the birth of a child and much more.

Facebook Ads also offers various advertising objectives: building reach and brand awareness, audiences performing specific actions or conversions. This precision targeting, the number of active users, as well as many other advantages, make Facebook Ads the advertising system of choice for many companies (including the largest ones).


On Instagram, the main medium is photography. For a long time it was considered a lifestyle portal with content of an entertaining, light-hearted nature. Today, on Instagram, we find many influencers, brands and corporate profiles running serious and profitable businesses. Statistics show that customers themselves are keen to use Instagram not only to browse photos, but also to find inspiration and products that appeal to them. According to research, as many as 46% of users buy a product after seeing it on Instagram. With the emergence of advertisements and company profiles, the portal and its running have changed a lot. In order to reach customers effectively, you need to know how to run an account professionally and have some experience in doing so. We have run many campaigns on Instagram, so we know exactly how to do it effectively. Importantly – although photography is still the domain of Instagram, brands from different industries can find their way on it. All you need to do is properly plan the advertising content you publish and run your profile, taking into account the nature and industry of your brand.


LinkedIn is a specific social network – it has a business-professional character. While it doesn’t have as many users as Facebook or Twitter, they are a much more homogeneous group. This means that campaigns for specific products and services on LinkedIn can be more effective than on Facebook – and this is true even despite the smaller number of users.Are you running B2B activities? LinkedIn will be an interesting platform for you to run paid advertising. Although campaigns on LinkedIn may be more expensive compared to business campaigns on other social media, they prove to be very effective. As befits a business portal, targeting is also done a little differently here: instead of interests and pages visited, you can target ads according to your position, competence, industry, graduate school or company size. This is a unique solution.


In Poland, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. Although Twitter is for everyone, it is mainly people between the ages of 24 and 36 who have accounts there. These are usually inhabitants of medium-sized and large cities with higher education. So if your offer is aimed at this particular audience, a Twitter campaign may prove to be the most effective. The potential of Twitter advertising efforts is confirmed by a 2015 study, according to which as many as 60 per cent of Twitter users follow accounts of various brands, and a similar percentage of users interact with their tweets.

Twitter offers several advertising formats: these can include promoted tweets of up to 280 characters, tweets with a photo, video ads, app promotion and redirection to an external website. We can help you create ads and run a sales, reach or lead generation campaign on Twitter.


TikTok is perceived as a social media platform for teenagers – but in reality, the age range of its users is much greater. There were already 2.5 million Polish users in 2020, and their number is growing steadily. It could be said that teenagers and young adults dominate, but there are more and more older users and campaigns aimed at them. Advertisements on TikTok are of a different nature than on other social media. Influencers and influencer marketing campaigns reign supreme, and content takes the form of short video clips. In this target group, it is a very effective form of advertising, with as many as 45% of users declaring that they have bought a product as a result of an influencer ad. If your target audience is specifically millennials or generation Z, we will run a campaign for you on TikTok from A to (generation) Z.


Another youth social media platform is Snapchat, with 3.5 million users aged 16-24 in Poland in 2020. Here too, communication takes place via short video clips, which, however, disappear 10 seconds after opening. However, Snapchat differs from other social media in that it is oriented towards individual communication – there is no newsfeed typical of many social media, and video clips are sent in messages to selected friends. However, to ensure that no one is misled by the youthful nature of the platform, Snapchat offers an extensive and very precise advertising system. In addition, it offers state-of-the-art solutions that even millennials have never dreamed of (and which cannot be found anywhere else), such as augmented reality filters and lenses, linking ads directly to an e-commerce product catalogue or geofilters. Major brands such as H&M, McDonald’s, KFC and Orange have already run campaigns on Snapchat. Would you like to join them? Get in touch with us.

Paid Social Media handling

Running an effective, yet optimised and budget-efficient Paid Social Media campaign is, despite appearances, not that simple. If you don’t know how to do it, you can rely on the knowledge and experience of our specialists. We’ve been down more than one trail and there’s little that can surprise us when it comes to running social media advertising.

Audit of paid social media campaigns

Or are you already running paid social media activities? If you’re not sure if you’re doing it to the best of your ability, or you feel something is wrong with them, then our team will perform an audit of your social media campaigns. We’re experienced not only in running campaigns, but also in optimising them. Just send us a brief – and we’ll do the rest.


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