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Paid campaigns on Instagram

Instagram is a giant social media platform – around 95 million photos are uploaded there every day, and the total number of photos has already exceeded 40 billion (that’s more than five times the population of our planet). In Poland, more than 7.3 million people were using it in 2020. If we add to this the fact that Instagram, in terms of its advertising system, is an extensive and well-organised platform through which products can be sold directly, the question should not be: “Is it worth running campaigns on Instagram?”, but rather: “How do I start doing it?”.

What are campaigns on Instagram all about?

It is said that one picture is worth more than 1,000 words. And this is exactly what Instagram’s strength is: the visual message. The advertising system also benefits from this, offering advertising formats based on images and video. For this reason, Instagram will work perfectly for brands and products for which the visual sphere is important. This is why clothing brands, photographers, artists, jewellery manufacturers, automotive and interior design brands like to run campaigns on Instagram.

Does this mean that there is no room for others? Of course not! Photos and graphics do not have to be the axis of an ad – they can also be an accent element, an additional element or simply an illustration of other content, for example travel-themed adverts with extensive text content. Photos can also be used to illustrate the life and activities of a company, foundation, person or project, and then they don’t have to be as visually refined as product photos of jewellery (sometimes they shouldn’t even be).

Campaigns on Instagram can really have many different facets – but the important thing is that they are tailored to the nature of the brand.

Campaigns on Instagram – advantages

For a long time, Instagram was perceived as a lifestyle portal where you insert holiday photos and selfies. This is a thing of the past. Today, Instagram is a platform on which completely serious business is conducted across a wide range of industries. Managing an effective Instagram account requires a professional approach, and brand and influencer accounts are simply stunning in their aesthetics, so more and more people are not only browsing through their friends’ photos on Instagram, but also looking for inspiration on what to buy for themselves or for a gift, how to decorate their home, how to dress or where to go on holiday.

However, it’s not all about passively looking for inspiration – the number of purchases made via social networks, including using smartphones, is growing year on year (in 2019 it was already 61% of all transactions on the Polish internet). On Instagram, it is 61% of the more than 7.6 million users, as this is how many there were in the second half of 2020. This is also confirmed by Facebook statistics: as many as 46% of users buy a product after seeing it on Instagram. So it is definitely worth promoting your products on this platform. As if that were not enough, you can also already run your online shop on Instagram. There is even a special type of ad that displays products below the photo, which can be purchased with just a few clicks.

What are the types of advertising on Instagram?

Photo advertising: this is one of the most popular types of advertising on Instagram and also one of the most effective – after all, there are few things that work as well on the viewer as a beautiful photograph. In addition, for some time now Instagram has allowed you to publish photos not only in square, but also in vertical format, which creates new presentation possibilities.

Carousel advertising: if one photo is not enough to present your product well (and this sometimes happens), or you want to present more products, then you can use carousel advertising. Instagram allows you to include between 2 and 10 photos or graphics in this form, which the user will scroll through one by one. And if your campaigns on Instagram require a pinch of creativity, the carousel ad can be used to tell a coherent story, the subsequent threads of which the viewer will see in successive photos. Or one long one divided into sections.

Collection advertising: a great solution for e-commerce. This type of advertising involves publishing a photo or video with smaller graphics with products underneath. Of course, it can also be used for purposes other than selling products (traffic, website traffic and more).

Video advertising on Instagram: if a photo is not enough for you and you prefer to present your product or service through short videos, use video advertising. It offers completely different possibilities – and not only in terms of presenting your product, but also in terms of telling a story about it (for example, using storytelling techniques). Of course, the video can also have a soundtrack – a voiceover or attractive music.

Advertising in Instagram Stories: Insta Stories is a very popular type of post on Instagram. It is worth taking advantage of this and including your ad in it – it can be in the form of a photo or graphic, as well as a video. This type of ad uses a vertical format, adapted to mobile devices.

Ads in the ‘Explore’ section: according to Instagram itself, this section is used daily by up to 50% of active accounts. It involves displaying suggested content based on users’ previous interests – and we can place your ad there. The ad can be in the form of an image or a video, and essentially works in a similar way to standard ads on this platform. You already know that Instagram is the place for you, but you’re not sure which type of ad would be best for your brand? Write to us – we’ll advise you based on our experience with many brands and products.

Campaigns on Instagram – advertising objectives

Instagram is a mature business social media platform and has an extensive and powerful advertising system. Campaigns on Instagram generate not only high sales but also huge reach. They help to build a professional image and gather people who are interested in a particular topic. On Instagram, we can not only sell, but also build an image or simply reach people who are interested in our brand or product with information about it. There are various advertising objectives for this, which you can choose depending on your needs.

What are the most popular advertising targets on Instagram?


Allows you to reach and display your ad to people who will be interested in your product, service or simply your brand.


After reach, this is the second most common ad target. It directs the user to an external page – your shop, a landing page or straight to a product subpage.


The ‘activity’ objective encourages the recipient to be active on your profile: liking or commenting on a post.

Video views

Recipients from the designated target group will be shown an advertising video in which you can include any content. Done well, a video can be a hell of an effective tool.

App installations

If you offer an app and want to gain new users, then this advertising target is for you.

Gaining contacts

Instagram offers you the opportunity to gain contacts for people interested in your offer. They can give you their details right here and now, and you can contact them and tell them the details.

Selling from a catalogue

On Instagram and Facebook, you can set up an online shop, and this advertising objective enables you to sell your products directly through advertising. As you can see for yourself, Instagram offers interesting advertising opportunities that will work for your brand and promote and, above all, sell your products. There are more advertising objectives – so we will certainly be able to select the type of advertising that is best suited to your brand and product.

How much does it cost to advertise on Instagram?

The exact cost of advertising on Instagram is, of course, dependent on the budget you can allocate to it. The price is therefore flexible and the advertising system works in your favour. This is because successive campaigns on Instagram and ads are becoming more and more optimised – you could even say that they are ‘learning’ how to be more effective. In addition to this, you can choose how you want to charge your ads on Instagram in order to manage your budget well. There are two ways: per click and per display.

Charge per click: ads with a photo or graphic, directing to an external website (generating Traffic) are billed per click of the ad. So someone may see your ad, but if they don’t click on it, the budget is unaffected.

Billing per view: video adverts are billed per view. You will only be charged if someone watches your video for more than 2, 10 or 15 seconds (more than 15 seconds counts as watching the whole video). You can manage your advertising budget even better by dividing your budget into daily rates or indicating it as the total budget to be spent in a given stretch of time. Of course, campaigns on Instagram do not have to be on 24 hours a day – you can choose days and times when your target audience is most active on the portal.

There is a place for everyone on Instagram

Campaigns on Instagram are an effective and financially efficient way to reach a wide range of people from different target groups. We can run not only an image campaign for you, but also a sales campaign, using the online shop function. And although the essence of this portal is photographs, we will make room for every brand. Let our specialists handle your Instagram campaign and we’ll configure it so that you get the most out of your budget.


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