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Strategy and creation

What is the recipe for a successful marketing strategy? Are there rules to follow to achieve the desired effect? A good strategy is made up of several components, the most important is creation. Without creation, there is no image, no sound and no words. At Tears of Joy, we know how to make both the creation and the marketing strategy refined. All thanks to experience, reliable intuition and excellent tools.

What are strategy and creation?

We constantly read reports and keep up to date with modern tools and platforms. We know how internet users navigate the internet. Thanks to this, we create marketing strategies that meet the needs of our partners, enabling them to achieve their goals. We prepare marketing strategies that have a unique style and are ahead of the trends. In addition, we know how to prepare the creation, create the big idea and unique graphics, banners, informative texts, surprising animations, copy, original infographics, posts for Facebook or photos for Instagram.

What does our remit include?

  • Preparation of communication audits, social media activities.
  • Marketing strategies – from conception to execution.
  • Communication strategy.
  • Social media communication strategy.
  • Preparation of banners, graphics, infographics, posts.
  • Writing texts for marketing strategies – posts, copy for banners, advertising posts.

Why us?

Constant contact with our customers is our everyday life, not a worn-out slogan. We know that there is a human being on the other end of our phone or email, not an impersonal company, and we care about good relationships. We know that our partners value their customers and we are aware of how much time and energy they invest in understanding their needs. This knowledge guides our customer service, which is efficient and reliable.


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