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Nowadays, it is hard to find a company that does not have profiles on social media platforms. No wonder – after all, running social media really does bring a lot of benefits. Both tangible and intangible.

Who uses social media in Poland?

The answer is simple: almost everyone. After all, is 27 million Poles little or much? Social media are fond of statistics. They clearly show how much social media have to offer. The average Pole spends 2 hours a day browsing on Facebook, posting photos on Instagram, posting on platform X or watching short videos by TikTok creators. That’s as much as 120 minutes in which you can reach him with your advertising. No other medium offers such an opportunity. 45.3 per cent of the audience starts looking for information about products on social media. All these figures apply to people between the ages of 16 and 64 – after all, social media has long since ceased to be the domain of the young alone.

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Why is this important?

The study shows that your target audience has already been on social media for a long time. And if that’s the case, you can be sure that your competitors are there too. Don’t miss out on your time! Social media is the space where you seek opinions about your business, products, services. In a word, a place where presence is mandatory. Not from today, but from yesterday.

What can you gain by running social media?

Social media allows brands to make their presence felt. Here are the most important benefits of social media activities


Social media sales

The billions of gigabytes of data that users share with Facebook is the driving force behind your business’ advertising. I’m sure you’re familiar with it too. You talk to your friend about wanting to buy new chairs for your employees, and then you see ads for office chairs everywhere. This is exactly how it works: the social media advertising ecosystem allows you to reach your customers with very precise advertising. Targeting adverts on Facebook or Instagram is analytical work, and if done by specialists – it increases sales.


Measurability of effects

What is the greatest advantage of social media advertising? Not only the cleverness of getting your message across, but above all: the measurability of effects. You know what your money will be spent on and what effect every penny spent will have. We will know ROAS, ROI and, thanks to optimisation, we will extract the maximum from all advertising.

We know how to reach your audience

Social media has changed the way companies and customers interact with each other. Social media is a channel for communication and feedback, which you receive free of charge from your audience. This is priceless value. We have run hundreds of campaigns, so we know how to get the best results. We are data-driven: we know which audiences to target and when they are online. We design effective advertising creations and create sales-oriented texts. Dozens of advertising formats and the knowledge of our specialists. This is a guarantee of success. Nothing can surprise us. We can assure you of one thing: your company will be the talk of the town.

Winning new customers

We know how to increase your reach and expand your customer base. This will help us reach new people interested in your products. Each social media channel has its own specific style, and the way we communicate changes with it. It is our natural environment, which we can navigate extremely effectively.

We will save you time

You dedicate your time to the business and we will do the rest. We will increase conversions, recognition and brand loyalty. Effective social media does not exist without analytics. That’s why we use professional tools to optimise our activities. We know exactly how to navigate the legal meanders and achieve excellent results at the same time. We know the regulations – we strictly adhere to them when organising special campaigns and competitions. We are staffed by experts who manage the day-to-day communication of brands from many different industries. You can trust us.

We adapt to the algorithm

Edge Rank and the algorithms of other sites have no secrets from us. Thanks to the fact that we follow and handle social media every day, we are up to date with all changes. In addition, we are supported by AI in analysing the data. This is why we can precisely match the algorithm and act in the most efficient way possible.

Make the right decision for your business!

Every month (or other selected time), we provide recommendations and conclusions and send you a report on all our activities. We know our stuff: we’ll be the first to show you the opportunities and risks for your brand on social media, allowing you to both avoid costly slip-ups and take advantage of growth opportunities. Contact us and we’ll show you why it’s still worth entrusting our agency with running your brand’s social media. We know how to be effective, and working with us is simply a pleasure. Bet on the sales and image benefits. Write or call us!

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