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Creating branded content in podcasts

Podcasts are broadcasts published online, usually as series of episodes. They can be a speech by one person, an interview or a discussion between several experts. They are therefore reminiscent of radio programmes with a regular audience – a form that has enjoyed great popularity and unwavering interest worldwide for decades. They are a very popular form of entertainment, but also an effective marketing tool.

Who listens to podcasts?

One of the biggest advantages of podcasts is that they can be listened to almost anytime, anywhere. Another is that they are often specialised in a particular field. As a result, they are sought out by listeners who are genuinely interested in a particular topic and listen intently – whether it is an influencer’s podcast or a company’s podcast. They do not perceive the podcast as advertising. This way, your recording will reach a sincerely engaged audience. Interestingly, podcasts are listened to almost half by women and men (54% and 46% respectively in 2019), who are aged 25 to 34 and 35 to 44. These are the two largest groups of listeners – although podcasts are, of course, also popular with other age ranges. They are most often educated residents of large, medium and small cities who are satisfied with their lives, like to travel and keep up to date with what is going on around them. The popularity of podcasts in Poland is evidenced by the statistics released by Spotify in June 2020: in the first half of the year, their listenership increased by 300% compared to the same period in 2019. Poland is also among the top ten countries with the highest podcast popularity. Their number is growing steadily – as is their quality and availability. By commissioning us to record a podcast, your brand will therefore become even more accessible to an audience that prefers this form of content.

Why record podcasts?

They’re good for everyone

Podcasts are not only recorded by celebrities or influencers – they are also published by brands and companies, inviting experts and interesting personalities from their industry to record. In this way, they provide their audience with knowledge in an enjoyable and easy-to-use format, while at the same time advertising themselves in a non-intrusive, natural way.

Podcasts build an image of reliable journalism

Podcasts are not infrequently described and associated as an intelligent, reliable and high-quality form of journalism – as they offer the opportunity for experts to speak on behalf of a brand or under its umbrella. This is probably why more than 40% of respondents trust the knowledge contained in podcasts and describe them as “expert” (August 2019 survey by Publicis Groupe Poland).

They give brands a human face

At the same time, podcasts in a digitised world, due to being conducted in a conversational or spoken form, give brands a human face and voice – literally and figuratively. The presenter will bring your brand’s business and philosophy to the listeners in simple terms that everyone can understand. We will create a podcast especially for you that not only provides practical knowledge, but also makes your audience’s time more enjoyable. Listening to a human voice evokes positive emotions that the recipient will quickly connect with your brand.

Unobtrusive advertising

Our podcasts will promote your brand. Branded content in podcasts does this in a natural, subtle, often almost unnoticeable way. So it’s a great way to reach people who are sensitive to direct forms of advertising. Podcasts give you the opportunity to introduce yourself and your offer to such people in a way that may not resemble advertising at all – even if your brand’s name is mentioned and its offer presented during the recording.

Builds a loyal group

Podcast listeners are a loyal consumer group. If the content and delivery of the podcast are well matched to the audience, each episode enjoys a high listenership from start to finish (as many as 68% listen to episodes until the very end). At the same time, after listening to the episodes, they follow the brand’s activity, look at its other media (website, social media profiles) and look forward to each new episode of the podcast. We are experts in creating effective and interesting content and would be happy to use our expertise in creating podcasts for your brand.

How do we create podcasts?

We establish a strategy and record podcasts

We start recording podcasts by developing a strategy for the entire series and its distribution. We establish the brand’s objectives and its target audience. Based on this, we create the name and the nature of the communication with the audience, matching it with the brand’s already existing communication strategy. We also work out the topics the podcast should cover and the scripts for the episodes. Then we decide how to reach those who are interested in the brand and potential supporters. To do this, we analyse the brand’s previous activities and tailor further activities based on the target audience. Once you have approved the strategy for the content created and how the podcasts should be distributed, we start recording them. We do this in a professional recording studio on high-end equipment to ensure the best quality recordings. The recording studio also takes care of editing and post-production. We work with trusted professionals and know that they will provide you with professionally recorded and produced podcasts that rival the best in quality. Once the podcast is ready, we make sure it is properly distributed and promoted. We reach out first to where the brand’s fans and potential new supporters are. We also publish the podcast on major sites. We create and coordinate an advertising and PR campaign to reach all interested parties. If a pre-arranged promotional strategy includes other activities – we take care of those too. After the publication of each episode, we provide you with a report on the effects of the campaign and listenership.

We create branded content in podcasts

Branded content is a form of advertising in which a brand is promoted by providing the viewer with educational or entertaining content. The advertising effect is created by associating the brand with positive emotions after listening to valuable or simply interesting content. Podcasts are one of the forms in which branded content works well. After all, one searches for them in order, among other things, to gain knowledge on certain topics or to pleasantly spend leasure time. Running regular podcasts on topics your brand specialises in is therefore a great way to precisely reach your audience – both existing and new. The use of branded content further builds the image of your brand as trustworthy.

We will arrange a visit to a podcaster from your industry

Or perhaps your brand’s audience already listens to podcasts from your industry and even has their own favourite series? If you’re not convinced that your brand needs a whole series of podcasts straight away, we can arrange an interview with a brand representative with a podcaster from your industry. As an influencer marketing agency, we have organised such collaborations many times and have a sizable database of influencer contacts. We will match the podcast author so that your brand fits well with the subject matter and effectively reaches his or her audience. Depending on the brand’s strategy and goals, we can also organise an appearance with someone through whom the brand will reach a completely new audience.

Company podcasts

Company podcasts are a proven method for your own brand promotion channel. You can build an expert image and attract new audiences this way. It is also a good way of reaching potential customers, as podcast listeners search for recordings on topics that interest them. They will therefore quickly find your recordings and become familiar with your brand’s offerings. We have successfully produced various forms of branded content, including podcasts – we have experience and know how to do this effectively.

Advertising in podcasts

We can also arrange to advertise your brand or product in other podcasts. In some situations this is a good solution, for example if creating a whole series of podcasts would disrupt the consistency of your brand communication or you only care about a single campaign. By advertising in other podcasts, we will reach a specific audience who are already listeners of podcasts with topics relevant to your brand or who are fans of the influencer who hosts the podcast. Such advertising can take the form of product placement, an interview or a sponsored episode. Podcast listeners are a very informed audience and are therefore very likely to be interested in a product and brand recommended by an influencer they trust. As a result, advertising in podcasts is very effective.

Why us?

A brand that wants to capture the interest of its audience through podcasts should rely on high quality recordings, good hosts and a well-structured podcast publishing strategy. However, all of this is difficult and time-consuming to implement – planning the channel, content, scripting, organising interviewees…. On top of that, without experience, it’s easy to make typical beginner’s mistakes, and with an established brand, you can’t afford to do that. That’s why it makes sense to outsource the creation of your podcasts to us. We have experience in recording podcasts and know how to do it at a world-class level – both technically and in terms of content. We also know how to effectively promote them to the right audiences. Working with us is therefore a huge convenience, as we take care of virtually every activity involved in creating a podcast. In the end, we’ll deliver you a finished, perfectly crafted product – and you’ll save a lot of time and effort. As an agency, we also know how to build a brand image – after all, we’ve worked for many of them. Podcasts created by us will therefore work effectively for your brand’s reputation, as we combine their creation with image building. Get in touch and we’ll tell you how our podcasts can work for your brand.


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