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Although TikTok has taken the lives of young people around the world by storm, some brands have so far been reluctant toembrace the growing interest in this platform. This is a mistake,especially for companies whose target group is generation Z.Fortunately, some know that flexible measures pay off and that social media is not just Facebook and Instagram. A good example of a brand that has used TikTok to its full potential is Cropp.

What did we need to understand?

We knew that the activities on TikTok had to reflect the vision and mission of the brand, which builds its image through engagement with issues important to young people and interaction with the community. However, a sense of both the communication platform and the target audience itself was key. Not understanding the voice of a generation or creating a narrative built solely around one aspect of interest to the audience could provoke negative reactions or reduce the brand to a lip service company, engaged only on paper. This is why we focused on being flexible and adapting to the trends on TikTok – with a particular focus on Cropp’s tone of voice. After all, in social media, and on TikTok in particular, feeling is sometimes more important than marketing knowledge.

What have we managed to achieve?

Our case study is based on activities carried out from August 2021 to June 2022. In less than a year, we managed to successfully weave the brand’s narrative into the reality of a platform created by young people – a group of Cropp’s audience that is capable of sensing every false note. We have managed to:

  • increase the number of followers from 600 people to 235,000;
  • multiplied the number of likes by more than 1,000 times. Yes – we went from around one and a half thousand likes in less than a year to 1.6 million, and the number is still growing!
  • to gain a huge number of impressions. The material we have prepared has been viewed as many as 16 million times. This is as many as the entire population of Greece and Denmark could give us.

What did we do to achieve this?

Our work was primarily based on selecting the right actors and influencers, creating scripts, content series, and reaching the target group via TikTok Ads while keeping advertising costs low. What’s more, we were also the ones who took care of the more technical side of things – we recorded the videos ourselves and edited them precisely for TikTok users. So what proved to be the key to success?


  1. Preparation of strategy and concepts
  2. Monitoring of trends on TikTok
  3. Preparation and development of scripts
  4. Casting of actors and their involvement in the project
  5. Confirmation with the client of the plans for the recording schedule, publication and scripts and actors
  6. Planning of recordings (place and date)
  7. Execution of video materials (recording and editing)
  8. Publication of material on TikTok
  9. Supporting content with paid campaigns
  10. Reporting and drawing conclusions from published content

Niche actors instead of macro-influencers

Choosing influencers and actors whose profile would be close to the brand’s vision proved to be quite a challenge. We consciously opted for ‘fresh’ faces, unfamiliar to a wider audience, chosen during a casting call organised by us. They certainly contributed a lot to the creations created – they showed the originality of Cropp’s solutions and became a perfect link with the recipients. Basing only on well-known influencers – even though it gives immediate results and increases brand recognition – makes the channel they build automatically dependent on their presence. In a situation where there is an end to the collaboration, we have to take into account the ‘churn’ of the audience. Moreover, relying on specific influencers is a short-term measure. We have opted for a longer-term perspective. From what can be seen from the statistics, this was a good choice.

Skilful use of trends

Often the main challenge in running a brand’s channel on TikTok is a lack of understanding – both of the platform itself and its users. The differences between Facebook and TikTok are huge and need to manifest themselves in scenarios created with a specific target group in mind. When carrying out activities for the Cropp brand, we tried to demonstrate not only marketing knowledge, but also a sense of trends and audiences. All this was done to avoid creating content that did not match the brand and, as a result, losing trust. The scenarios were created in line with Cropp’s tone of voice, so that we were able to adapt to the prevailing trends on TikTok, while not losing courage and uncompromisingness – extremely important for the brand when communicating with its target group.

Eco-education, a reference to the values of generation Z

In addition to creating materials based on the latest trends, we also prepared content series designed to support pro-environmental activities by educating the audience – while of course maintaining all the characteristics of the TikTok environment. Our target group was the younger generation Z, who show a desire to take care of our planet. A series aimed at this group is Ecoeducator, run by Asia @sledz535 – a recognisable influencer who talks monthly about the proper care of the clothes she buys. Through these activities, Cropp improves the environmental awareness of its observers, while at the same time increasing its credibility as a brand committed to the process of buying and using clothes responsibly. In the recordings, Asia imparts knowledge about ecology, presents her advice on clothes and advises on how to use them in a responsible way. Using a dynamic TikTok format, Asia shows viewers the importance of reading labels and how to wash and dry clothes correctly so that they retain their quality. In addition, the infuencer touches on the topic of saving water in everyday life. The series is distinguished by its own hashtag – #caringlesson – making it easy to find all the material on the portal. We also maintain subtle product placement in the videos.

Satisfying the curiosity of the audience

TikTok has further shortened the distance between the brand and its target group. Therefore, we decided to use this method of communication and show that Cropp is also willing to share behind-the-scenes activities. This resulted in materials presenting the organisation of an end-of-summer party in Gdańsk and a magical photo shoot with Kinga Sawczuk and Tosia<3.Tiktik CroppAll this was, of course, combined with know-how concerning TikTok Ads. Thanks to this, we kept costs low and the content reached the target group engaging under the materials we prepared.

And what’s next?

We are not stopping for a moment! The number of observers and likes is increasing day by day, and we are planning further activities that reconcile the brand vision with the specific trends on TikTok.If you are interested in this case, please contact us and let’s do something together.*data current as of 14 June 2022

If you already have a brief…

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